Thousands of people have been using EFT Tapping as a self-help tool, with success for years, because the basics of EFT are easy to learn, and results can be rapid. It’s important to understand though that it is safest to work on bigger traumas with an experienced Clinical EFT practitioner. EFT can be self-applied however, for hassles and stresses that aren’t significant in nature. Having said that, some caution is necessary as tapping for yourself on a current issue could catapult you to a larger past issue unexpectedly, if this does happen, keep tapping until the feelings subside, and if necessary, get expert help. Using EFT Tapping as a self help tool can raise some common questions that include the following:


How do I know what words to say?

This would be one of the most common questions. For EFT to be successful on minor hassles when tapping yourself, you need to be tuned in and focused on the issue you’re working on. You use words that will help you stay tuned into the issue. For instance, tapping on feeling humiliated by your boss yesterday, while thinking about what you need from the supermarket just isn’t going to work! Use specific words that describe in detail what you saw, what you heard, what you felt, etc, about the event, related to the issue you’re working on. Here’s an example of a Setup phrase:


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“Even though my boss came to my desk and threw those papers in front of me, all of my colleagues saw, he looked angry and said those words in that sharp tone as he walked off, I felt so humiliated, I deeply and completely accept myself.”


I tapped on an issue myself and it’s bothering me again?

If you felt some relief but it was temporary, you’ve probably been tapping too globally. Try tapping using more specific language about what happened and how you felt about it. For example, the following is too global:

“Even though I’m angry with Bob I deeply and completely accept myself.”

You may have been angry with Bob many times. Choose a specific time and tap describing it in detail. For example:

“Even though I’m angry with Bob because he forgot to put the cat out and she’s peed in our bedroom again, it’s stained the carpet and stinks, I deeply and completely accept myself.”

Another reason an issue can seemingly come back is because some aspects of the problem have been missed. Using the example above, you might be worried about needing to replace the carpet, you might feel like Bob doesn’t really care, you might have your parents coming to stay this weekend and you’re concerned about the cat pee smell. All of these are different aspects. Therefore tap on each aspect to clear the issue completely and try tapping from every single angle possible.


Sometimes when tapping I miss a point or get them out of sequence, does it matter?

EFT in its basic form is quite forgiving. If you miss a point or don’t tap in the ‘official sequence’ that is fine. The sequence is simply to make it easier to remember to tap working your way down the body.


Are tapping scripts useful?

Tapping scripts are written for the general population and therefore aren’t specific enough to get deep long-lasting results. They can, however, give you a certain degree of relief. Again, describe specific events in detail while tapping.


 I’ve seen people get over an issue quickly online. Is that normal?

If you saw Gary Craig (the founder of EFT) demonstrating EFT online and getting results within minutes, he refers to these as ‘one- minute wonders’ and they can happen, especially for phobias. Most issues though require more detective work, and more tapping to clear all aspects of a problem to get complete resolution. Why go for surface results when you can explore further and get to the root of an issue?


EFT Tapping seems so negative, can’t I tap on positive stuff?

While tapping can appear negative, what you need tap on is the truth of what is going on for you, what you really believe. If you’re really feeling deep sadness, you wouldn’t tap on how happy you feel. You’re mind and body are smarter than that. Positive tapping phrases can be used but are best introduced when you start to feel okay about the problem.

I once heard it said that you wouldn’t leave dog poo on the carpet and place new carpet over the top without removing the old carpet first. It’s the same with Tapping! 😊

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According to Dr Peta Stapleton the somatic aspect of EFT (tapping on the body) “results in changes in the brain, DNA expression, hormone production, brain waves and blood flow.”  For more peace and joy in your life and to be able to move forward towards being your best self, EFT Tapping as a self-help tool in its basic form is an easy to apply technique, with the potential for beneficial long-term results.