Stress Less Cope Well™

Stress Less Cope Well™ is a 2-day wellness workshop where you’ll learn effective stress reducing techniques and lifestyle changes that you can make for a happier calmer you! 🙂 With small group numbers, this workshop is run over a weekend and can be held in most places within New Zealand. If you’re interested in attending this workshop in either Wellington, Palmerston North, Masterton, Hastings, Taupo, Hamilton, Tauranga, Auckland, Whangarei, or Nelson, Blenheim, Christchurch, Dunedin, or Queenstown, get in touch below.

Heather draws on her knowledge and experience as an EFT Coach and Holistic Counsellor where you’ll learn:


  • The difference between good and bad stress
  • How chronic stress damages the body 
  • What lifestyle changes reduce stress
  • Learn several cutting edge stress reducing techniques including EFT Tapping for personal use 
  • Borrowing Benefits – work on your own issues privately, while tapping as a group
  • How to manage your thoughts and feelings to decrease stress
  • And much more
Stress Less Cope Well® - women's wellness workshop throughout New Zealand
Women's Wellness Workshop - Stress Less Cope Well®

Research has clearly shown a strong link between chronic stress and it’s impact on the mind and body from the immune system to respiratory system and cardiovascular system and more. Don’t you owe it to yourself to add effective stress reducing techniques to your own personal tool box?

Kind words….


“I had the pleasure of being involved with the workshop that Heather ran. It was extremely well organised, executed and it was informative and practical. We all practiced the techniques and learnt a great deal. Many thanks to Heather for her time and energy” 


“Heather provides a warm and safe workshop experience full of practical tools for releasing emotional blockages and physical symptoms. Already felt release during the workshop” 


“Heather created a safe and friendly environment for us to learn, and to practise our new tools and techniques. It was a really enjoyable and useful workshop!” 


“I found the workshop to be very helpful and extremely informative and I learnt lots and was able to practise what I learnt with lots of support. I cleared some issues and gained practical experience to use. The workshop was extremely well planned and executed. Fabulous!!”  


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