Holistic Counselling

If you’re seeking Holistic Counselling, I offer a 6 week one on one counselling programme that’s designed to explore the different areas of your life. Together we work out collaboratively which areas need attention to create balance and wholeness. If you’re looking for individual sessions, click here to see my Clinical EFT page.

As all areas of your life are interlinked, we will look at each one of these. Together we’ll explore your emotional, mental, physical & spiritual needs. We’ll look at the basic pillars of health & well-being and add to these the building blocks so you can become your best self. That way you can create a happy, productive life of joy, positivity and love.

This is a very individual programme and is designed especially for you. Therefore, it could include for example, exploring your self-talk, limiting beliefs, your diet, your support system, relationships, plans for the future, EFT Tapping, CBT and more.

If you’d like to explore this and but would prefer a different number of sessions in your programme, get in touch and lets have a chat.

Note: this 6 week one on one programme may have tasks for you to complete in between our sessions to make the most of our time together.

Are you ready for balance? Ready for change? Ready for a new future? Click the Contact button at the bottom of this page to arrange either a free 15 minute chat to discuss this programme, or book your 6 x 75 minute sessions now. 

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