EFT Tapping with Heather Todd from Be Your Best self

Are you looking for counselling to help with anxiety or depression? Do you need support in recovering from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse, or other trauma that continues to trigger you and impact your daily life? Are you experiencing relationship difficulties that you can’t resolve? Maybe you feel awkward and lack confidence, or just don’t feel good about yourself. 

Are you ready for change?

Kia ora, I’m Heather Todd, an experienced holistic counsellor, certified in Clinical EFT, Energy Psychology, and Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath®. I’ve been in private practice since 2006. I work with clients using the Emotional Freedom Techniques and Energy Psychology. These help to rapidly and gently release the emotional impact of memories, negative emotions, and unhelpful beliefs to create lasting change. Clinical EFT is recognised as an evidence-based practice by the APA, Division 12 Taskforce on Empirically Validated Therapies for psychological issues, including but not limited to, anxiety, depression, PTSD, phobias and stress. Australian Psychologist Dr Peta Stapleton has said, “We know through comparison studies to gold standard therapies such as CBT and EMDR that EFT is comparable, it is often able to achieve the same outcomes but in half the time…” 

Offering lasting change, not just temporary relief.

Clinical EFT appointments in New Zealand, Australia and beyond

What will it cost you if you remain stuck? How will your life look and how will you feel when you’re set free? Together we can gently release and create lasting change, so you feel happier, increase your self-esteem, confidence and build resilience for a better future. Click the Contact button below to schedule a FREE no-obligation 15-minute chat by phone to explore how we can work together, or to book your appointment immediately. Whether you prefer an online meeting via Zoom or by phone, you can enjoy the convenience of connecting from anywhere in New Zealand, Australia, or the world, right from the comfort of your home.

The fee charged for each 60-minute session is $120. Heather understands that financial situations can vary widely. If you find yourself in financial hardship but feel drawn to the work we could do together, please don’t let finances be a barrier. You’re invited to reach out so we can explore solutions tailored to your situation. 

See my testimonials below…

When you invest in yourself, you invest in your future – Dr Joe Dispenza

What can I help you with?


  • Anxiety and depression
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)
  • Stress and overwhelm
  • Fears and phobias
  • Physical abuse, emotional abuse, sexual abuse
  • Childhood trauma and neglect
  • Relationship challenges – life partner, family members, friends
  • Grief and loss – from a bereavement, a relationship, or from fostering or adoption/whangai
  • Affected by ‘gaslighting’
  • Feeling abandoned
  • Unhappy in your job or having difficulties with your boss or co-workers
  • Bullying, harassment and discrimination
  • High Sensitivity – HSP
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Negative emotions
  • Emotional dysregulation
  • Obsessions and compulsions
  • Unmotivated
  • Feeling stuck
  • Procrastination
  • Regret and guilt
  • Shyness and elf consciousness
  • Stuttering
  • Dental and medical Trauma

How would you like to feel instead?

Heather works with adults from all walks of life. If you’re an active member of the military or a veteran, you can book a session here https://stresssolution.org then select Provider Directory.

CANCELLATION POLICY: If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment you’ll need to provide at least 24 hours notice to avoid being charged.

What People Are Saying

Sexual, Physical, Emotional Abuse Testimonial

I suffered many years of sexual, physical and emotional abuse as a child and adolescent. Even after many years of therapy, my body was still carrying the experience of the trauma and I experienced this as a persistent sense of fear in my life as I went about my day to day business but not knowing exactly how to make it go away.

By uncovering some of the details of the significant childhood memories of the abuse with Heather that I had forgotten, and working with her to rework my body’s experiences of what was left still with me from these memories, that persistent feeling of fear has significantly reduced.

Heather was not afraid to ‘go there’ with me to these deeply wounded places and was kind and compassionate and able to find words to help me express what my body was carrying that I had previously been unable to put words to. I would happily recommend Heather and her process to others wanting a resolution to persistent emotions or thoughts that are negatively impacting their life.

Michelle, Wellington, New Zealand

Depression Testimonial

I have nothing but good things to say about Heather and the work she does. I found her warm, calm and comfortable to work with. I also found working with tapping to be very helpful in navigating me through my journey with depression. I’d also like to add that Heather goes the extra mile for her clients, providing extra resources such as reading materials and exercises which I know I really appreciated. I would definitely recommend Heather’s services to anyone mentally struggling and who is open and willing to try a unique approach to healing and bettering themselves. 

P.F, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Self-Worth Testimonial

I had no idea what to expect when I first started counselling with Heather. I had never even heard of EFT. Right from my first session, she made me feel comfortable & explained everything to me, giving me options all the way through our sessions. I made slow progress at first but then, all of a sudden, we seem to have flicked a switch & all my negative emotions vanished to be replaced by positivity, confidence & even resilience. I had not felt these things about myself for many years. Our last session together consisted of me listing all the things I was suddenly ready to do &, a few weeks later, I had already accomplished several of them, overcoming fears & even enjoying experiences I had not allowed myself in a long time. At first I worried about slipping back into my old ways of thinking but, even when I do think back to how I was feeling just a couple of months ago, I still feel secure in how I feel now. And that is amazing to me. I will always be grateful to Heather for how she has helped me. And she’ll be the first one I go to in the future if I ever need help again. 

B.C, Wellington, New Zealand

Grief and Loss Testimonial

I specifically wanted help with grief, as it was affecting my daily life. Heather, along with the EFT tapping technique made this possible. I noticed it was working for me when I realised that I wasn’t crying so much or ruminating on the past. And even if I did, I had a new life skill to help me move through it. I am one very grateful and happy user. Thanks Heather. 

J.L, Waikato, New Zealand

Negative Emotions Testimonial

I realised I had some triggers that were affecting me and those i was trying to ignore. However, their coming up time and time again was a proof that it needed attention and they had to be set free. Heather helped do just that.

I had one session with her and the fact that in that one session I was openly able to speak up my mind and heart to her while tapping really brought that required shift and confidence back in me. It made me lighter than I’ve ever been in a long, long time. I am so thankful for that.

I definitely recommend her to anyone who wishes to work on their emotions/traumas via EFT.

Thank you so much Heather. God bless you. 🙂

Poonam, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Bullying Testimonial
Our family can not thank Heather enough for her Work with our son. Our boy was in a distressed state after intensive school bullying and we did not know how to manage or help him through. Heather enabled him to release his emotional weight which was certainly taking its toll and taught him skills in how to keep himself calm when anxiety was creeping in. Heather also reinforced the value of his self worth and the impact of his voice. We can’t thank her enough for her work and the difference it’s made with our little man (7 years old).
C.P, Porirua, New Zealand

Trauma Testimonial

Heather is the most generous and empathetic counsellor I’ve ever worked with as well as incredibly intuitive, knowledgeable and supportive. EFT Tapping felt a bit weird sometimes but I’m glad I kept an open mind as I definitely identified and processed my trauma significantly more quickly and effectively than regular talk therapy. I tried three Counsellors over many years before finding Heather so I highly recommend her and will always be grateful for her help.

S.B, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Anxiety Testimonial

I have visited Heather for EFT treatments a couple of times now and have attended some education sessions so I can continue to be proactive with the treatments myself. That is something I like about this method – it trains you to be independent with the treatment but has support if needed, which Heather has confidently provided.

One of the big hurdles I had was with speaking in a large group and when I found myself in crisis over this EFT gave me the tools to help me through in a way I had never before found effective. It really seemed to deal with things on a biological/cellular level so I had a feeling of being calmer in my body and not just in my head and still needing to talk myself through something. Another issue that we have tackled is anxiety and how this has developed. Pinpointing that is tricky but Heather skillfully asked the questions that led me there and she was very supportive, non-judgemental while being professional and warm.

The feelings of relief are profound and if you have suffered from anxiety in any form, small or large you will appreciate the power this gives back to you not only with whatever you currently struggle with but strategies and confidence to handle further issues. I would recommend EFT to anyone wanting to take charge and getting help from Heather has certainly been a wise investment for me.

M.C, Lower Hutt, New Zealand

Post Traumatic Stress Testimonial

I honestly cannot recommend Heather enough. I have only been seeing her for a short while but in that time I feel like I have released some major traumas and trapped emotions. I have been dealing with a life threatening illness (cancer) as a young single mother and tapping with Heather has really helped with my PTSD of the diagnosis, and I feel this is an important part of my healing journey. I am beyond grateful to have found someone who I feel is actually helping me. Heather is completely genuine, warm, kind and caring and I thank her for all of her help.

M.E, Wellington, New Zealand

Panic Attacks Testimonial

Heather is amazing. She really helped me beyond expectations with a panic attack response I’d been having. It’s given me back a past time I love with my horses.

L.T, Auckland, New Zealand

Phobias Testimonial

Our first experience with EFT was sought for my daughter who was suffering from several phobias; within her very first session of EFT she had some relief from her symptoms. The worrying thoughts and ruminations were all but gone and to be honest we could not quite believe how quickly things improved from there. Within a matter of weeks, she was completely phobia free, she still faces the normal teenage challenges yet now with EFT she is able to cope with them and move forward in a much healthier way.

We cannot thank Heather enough for teaching us how to use EFT it has truly changed our lives and her kind caring reassuring manner made the whole process a real pleasure. I have no hesitation in recommending Heather Todd to anybody who may need  or want her services, I am sure you will be delighted with the results.

K.R, Lower Hutt, Wellington, NZ

Test Anxiety Testimonial

I totally attribute Heather’s EFT session to passing my driver’s test. I’d failed it the first time due to a massive case of anxiety which was intensified by failing (previously!). Heather did some Tapping with me and I felt really good after the session … the next week when I re-sat my test, no nerves, no anxiety, just cool calm and collected – and I passed!!

E.J, Wellington NZ

Thank you Testimonial

You have made an incredible difference in my life and I am so grateful to have met you.

C.M, Wellington NZ

Self Limiting Beliefs
I found Heather through a simple google search after hearing about the benefits of EFT. I didn’t know what to expect but I ended up going back 10-15 times as the results I experienced were life changing. (I still want to go back again but I feel so good since and need to find the time!) 
I often would go into a session with Heather with no clear intention on what I wanted to work on that day and she would help guide me to figure out what I did want to work on and work through any self-limiting beliefs. 
Heather has a lot of patience, love and kindness that makes you instantly feel so comfortable with her. I am very curious in the how and the why of EFT tapping and she would go above and beyond and explain it to me both in our sessions and through email which I was very appreciative of. 
I couldn’t recommend her higher. She is great for if there is something you want to work through or simply creating a better you! 
R.L, Wellington, NZ

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