Anxiety, Depression & Negative Emotions


Feeling some degree of anxiousness at times is very common and normal and can even help you stay focused as well as being motivating. Serious anxiety on the other hand, affects your day to day living, it can be annoying, embarrassing and debilitating. If this sounds like you, EFT Tapping for anxiety can provide rapid relief. Would you rather be in control, instead of your anxiety? There are many different types of anxiety such as Social Anxiety, Test Anxiety, Generalised Anxiety and the common dread of many – Public Speaking Anxiety.

Help with Anxiety, Depression & Negative Emotions

Did you know a 2012 EFT study that looked at cortisol levels (the body’s master hormone that regulates the body’s stress response), found that anxiety and depression symptoms declined three times as much in the EFT group as in the Talk Therapy group, and cortisol levels declined significantly more in the EFT group too? You can feel confident that with over 20 clinical trials showing EFT to be valuable in helping reduce various types of anxiety, that it usually works rapidly and permanently. While strategies can be beneficial for coping with anxiety, targeted tapping can mean the need for strategies becomes redundant. Wouldn’t you prefer to feel calm and relaxed instead? Make a time below using the Contact button to schedule a free chat to see if working together is right for you.



There are many different theories about the causes of low mood or depression. Research shows Clinical EFT to have good efficacy with depression. While depression is said to be caused by a chemical imbalance, we need to ask the question as to what is the cause of the chemical imbalance. While depression can stem from current issues which can be worked through with EFT; depression can also be likened to a brick wall, each brick in the wall relating back to a traumatic event or events which can be worked through gently without re-traumatisation. You don’t need to consciously know what these past events are, for us to work together to achieve a resolution.


Negative Emotions

Overwhelming negative emotions get in the way of how you feel about yourself and affect your relationships with other people, both in your private life and in the workplace. Your overwhelming negative emotions relate to things that have happened to you. For instance, your partner was unfaithful, so you now hold the belief that ‘men can’t be trusted’ and subsequently, you feel angry and worthless, vowing to never get into another relationship again. 

If you’re feeling emotionally overwhelmed, finding your anger is getting the better of you, or feeling extremely sad, guilty, or jealous, or any other overwhelming emotion …change is possible, healing is too with EFT Tapping 😊

Help with stress and overwhelm

Stress and Overwhelm 

Life today is stressful and busy and it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Under normal circumstances the stress response is activated and then your body quickly returns back to balance. This is how your body is designed to function. While you might encounter big stressors like divorce, losing a job, financial stress, or serious diagnosis, many minor hassles in everyday life can wear you down. This abundance of minor hassles such as sleeping through your alarm clock, or needing to juggle work commitments because your child wakes up ill, can mean you’re feeling “stressed out” a lot of the time, in other words living by the hormones of stress. Over time this is very damaging to your physical body and science has shown stress is implicated in many serious diseases.

EFT Tapping is effective because it lowers cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is one of the body’s main stress hormones. EFT is a proven stress management technique to release stress so you can move forward in a healthy way. If you’d like some assistance in this area, so you feel less stressed, calm, present, and relaxed, book an appointment with me, in person or online. While attending EFT sessions it also gives you the opportunity to learn EFT in its basic form as a useful self-help technique.  

You may also be interested in attending my wellness workshop Stress Less Cope Well™. If you’d like to host this weekend workshop in your area in New Zealand, contact me for more details.

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